Community Resources

  1. Awards & Honors

    The City of Roanoke has been recognized regionally and nationally for its outstanding quality of life and other accomplishments.

  2. Citizen Engagement

  3. Communications

    Our mission is to educate, inform, and inspire our community by effectively, efficiently, and creatively communicating municipal news.

  4. Education

    Roanoke City Public Schools strive to be a model for urban public education.

  5. Form of Government

    Learn about the form of government that operates within the City.

  6. Recreation

    Roanoke Parks and Recreation is a full-service, nationally accredited municipal agency providing thousands of recreational opportunities throughout an extensive park system.

  7. Social Services

    The Department of Social Services provides a wide array of mandated and nonmandated services to the citizens of Roanoke.

  8. Services for Veterans

    The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) connects Virginia’s veterans and their families to federal and state benefits, support, quality care, and recognition they have earned.