As the Transportation Division has overall responsibility for the City’s rights-of-way, our commitment is to safely execute tasks, to work and act in a professional manner, to complete tasks with exceptional quality thereby setting the standard for others to follow, and to perform tasks efficiently so that public funds are expended appropriately.

We focus our actions and activities upon improving the appearance, ride-ability, and safety of the City's streets and rights-of-way thereby enhancing the City’s image, mobility, and property values which are all important factors in attracting and retaining citizens.

We endeavor to implement Roanoke's comprehensive plan by providing a safe and attractive environment for all right-of-way users. We believe that well maintained streets having appropriate pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, smooth surfaces, good drainage, as well as appropriate traffic signs and markings play a vital part in improving the City’s economic base.
The Primary functions of the Division include:
  • Maintenance of the transportation infrastructure
  • Oversight and maintenance of roadway lighting
  • Traffic Safety and Congestion Program
  • Transportation planning and project coordination
  • Landscape maintenance in the transportation corridor
  • Issuance of Assembly Permits and Operational Support
  • Holiday and special event decorations
  • Citizen Requests for Service
For snow removal, call 540-853-2000, option 8. For the following Transportation services, call 540-853-2000:
  • Alley Maintenance
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Sidewalk/Curb
  • Sight Distance Concerns
  • Street Lights
  • Street Maintenance
  1. Kimball Avenue Lane Closure Update

    ROANOKE, VA – Starting Monday September 19, 2016, Roanoke Gas will be closing the center lane and one northbound lane of Kimball Avenue between Rutherford Ave and Orange Ave NE. Read on...
  2. Brandon Avenue Lane Closure

    ROANOKE, VA –Roanoke Gas will continue working on Brandon Avenue closing the eastbound right lane on the south side of Brandon Avenue, moving in one block sections toward Grandin Road. Read on...
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