Project Payback

Juvenile Restitution Program

Project Payback in a juvenile restitution program established with the purpose of repaying victims of crime for their losses. Restitution is the act of an offender giving a victim monetary compensation for a loss or injury resulting directly or indirectly from a crime. Research has shown that restitution has therapeutic value for offenders and victims. It permits the offender to regain self-respect by doing the right thing and provides a sense of justice, as well as reparation, to the victim.

The Project Payback program serves juvenile offenders between the ages of 12 and 17. Youth under employment age will receive Youth Entrepreneurship training, assistance in setting up and operating a mini business venture and a business mentor. Youth of employment age will receive job skills training, assistance in obtaining gainful employment and job retention skills.

The Youth Entrepreneurship training is being provided through a partnership with Junior Achievement of Southwest Virginia, Inc.

Assisting Offenders
Project Payback strives to help juvenile offenders regain their self confidence, instill respect for others and their rights, and foster positive character development with the goal of becoming productive youth in the community. The program provides juveniles with job employability skills training, real world experience and personal growth opportunities and help with securing and maintaining employment.

Assisting Victims
Restitution plays a key role in the victim's right to be made whole by providing an avenue for reimbursing victims for their losses. Project Payback serves as the point of contact for victims owed restitution. Other services provides the program include:
  • Reporting to the Commonwealth's Attorney Office, Juvenile Court, Circuit Court and Court Service Unit on the status of defendants
  • Serving as a checks and balances to ensure accuracy of restitution payments
  • Weekly compliance monitoring of defendants
Helping the Community
There is a strong desire within any community for safety and security. Project Payback hopes that as youth participate in the program they will begin to feel they have a personal stake in the future of their communities. Through personal investment, youth will see the value of living and behaving as responsible and productive citizens, thus enhancing public safety. Project Payback:
  • Assists economic development efforts by training the community's workforce
  • Augments services of agencies currently overloaded with juvenile and adult crime
  • Coordinates efforts with other agencies and businesses to reduce crime
  • Provides statistical restitution reporting