Storm Utility Fee and Credits

Stormwater Utility Ordinance
Roanoke City Council adopted a Stormwater Utility Ordinance at their meeting of November 11, 2013. The Storm Water Utility became effective July 1, 2014. The stormwater utility fee rates will be set as part of the annual budget process. City staff has recommended a fee of $0.90 per 500 square feet of impervious surface and this fee will be phased in over a 3 year period beginning with $0.30 per 500 square feet in July 2014, $0.60 in July 2015 and $0.90 in July 2016.

The Stormwater Utility fee is based on impervious surface area within a property line boundary.  Impervious surfaces are areas of the landscape that impede infiltration of rainfall and result in an increased volume of surface runoff. As a simple rule, man-made surfaces that are not vegetated will be considered impervious. Examples of impervious surfaces include roofs, buildings, decks, or pools, as well as, any concrete, asphalt, compacted dirt or gravel surface.

Property Calculations
The city has published impervious surface delineation information for all properties within the city. This information is provided to help citizens better understand how their property contributes runoff to our rivers and streams, and to provide property owners with a tool to estimate fees for specific properties. Properties are annotated with the calculated impervious surface; the estimated monthly fee is easily calculated by dividing the annotated impervious area by 500 and then multiplying by the proposed rate of $0.60 per 500 square feet in 2015, and $0.90 per 500 square feet in 2016. 

Visit the GIS database and search for the desired parcel. After locating the parcel, click Map Layers tab, expand Impervious Surface layer, then check the box to activate layer. We ask that property owners contact the Stormwater Division at 540-853-5900 to report errors or ask questions.

Stormwater Utility Fee Credits
Residential and commercial property owners can learn more about how to qualify properties for credits toward the stormwater utility fee. The Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Manuals can give property owners information on the best management practices to implement to retain stormwater onsite and receive credit.

More Information
Contact the Stormwater Utility by calling 540-853-5900 for more information, or email the Stormwater Division.