Citizens for Clean and Green

Green Academy 2016

The Citizens for Clean and Green Committee is a group of volunteers in the City of Roanoke who are tasked with carrying forward the mission of the city's Clean and Green initiative. The Clean and Green Campaign was launched in September 2007 by City Council member Gwen Mason as a way encourage the city to "green" its operations, as well as raise awareness among citizens and engage them in a community-wide effort to reduce our collective carbon footprint. The campaign was designed to run for 18 months, but the vision was that the city would make sound environmental practices a permanent part of the way it does business, and also that good environmental stewardship was something the entire Roanoke Valley could embrace as it looks to the future. 

Since its formation, the Citizens for Clean and Green Committee has undertaken a number of projects. One of these is organizing the City of Roanoke Green Academy. These free, five-week educational workshops offer area residents a primer on topics ranging from energy and water conservation to green building and alternative transportation. The committee has supported and participated in Earth Day activities and the annual Green Living and Energy Expo, as well as the development of Cafe2 (Community Alliance for Energy Efficiency)in the Roanoke and New River Valleys, and the new regional Save A Ton educational initiative. 

For more information, contact Nell Boyle, Sustainability/Outreach Coordinator, at 853-5430.

Current Members:

  • Tom Fitzpatrick -- Roanoke City Public Schools
  • Sean McGinnis -- Virginia Tech Green Engineering Program
  • Katie Wallace -- The Wallace Agency
  • Laura Wasko -- Better Building Works
  • Nell Boyle -- City of Roanoke
  • Mike Shockley -- City of Roanoke