Bidder Qualification Program

Prior to tax sales, bidders should ensure they have paid all outstanding taxes and fees in full and they have remedied all code violations (zoning, building, etc.) for any properties they own in full or in part.  Prospective bidders with outstanding weed or demolition liens; inoperable vehicle, vacant, derelict or house board-up violations; court violations; and any other code violations or delinquent city taxes, will not be allowed to purchase property at delinquent tax sales. Each bidder must complete a Tax Sale Bidder Qualification Form prior to each tax sale. 

All bids will be subject to review by city departments with regard to the Bidder Qualification Program and all sales must be approved by the court. If the successful bidder has code violations or delinquent taxes, the sale will be offered to the next highest bidder. Successful bidders must list all properties they own, or have an ownership interest in, for purposes of determining whether delinquent taxes or code violations exist.