Arbors & Trellises

The processes outlined here are for the construction/installation of arbors (max 9 feet in height; 150 square feet and less) and trellises (max 9 feet in height; max 6 feet in width; max 3 feet in depth). Arbors and trellises exceeding the maximum standards, see Detached Accessory Structure.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Zoning and Basic Development Plan Application.
  • Basic Development Plan (1 copy), delineating the following:
    • Dimensions and shape of the lot
    • Adjoining streets
    • Location of the principal building on the lot
    • Location of the proposed arbor or trellis
    • Arbor or trellis details including height, width, depth, square footage, and surface detail
  • Certificate of Appropriateness, if located in an H-1 or H-2 local historic district.

Review Process

Once your permit application has been deemed complete and initialized in our system (you will receive a Permit Submission Confirmation Letter), City staff has 10 business days for zoning review. You may receive comments from City staff if additional information is needed to complete a thorough review. An Additional Submissions Form must accompany any resubmission of plans or information.

Arbors and trellises are reviewed for compliance with the following code:
Visit the City of Roanoke's Real Estate GIS page to determine your property's zoning designation.


$25.00 flat fee


If work described in the zoning permit has not begun within 6 months from the date of issuance, the permit will expire. An extension may be granted by the Zoning Administrator at their discretion at the written request of the applicant within 90 calendar days of the expiration of the original zoning permit.